Porch Sale, Winter Hill 9/21 12-5pm

Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA
A former roommate moved out and left a GIANT PILE OF STUFF. We do not want it! You might like it! 12-5 pm, 119 Bartlett St, back porch. It's covered porch, sale is happening rain or shine.

Craigslist posting here:


Highlights include a hurricane lamp, a first gen roomba, a bread machine, two bar stools, and a laptop.

No reasonable offer will be ignored. Most unreasonable offers will be at least entertained.


Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA
OMG, that was a fabulous weekend.

Yes, it was miserably hot. Yes, the bugs were AWFUL. The humidity was gross, and I don't so much enjoy the total lack of showers. The bathrooms are a LOOOOOOONG walk from the equestrian camp in the middle of the night. Did I mention the bugs, and the fact that I forgot both the bed frame and my belt?

But I had so much fun!

The drive was perfectly uneventful, and setting up was as non-sucky as it could be. Doucette and Erika were already there and marked out the equestrian camp, and Isabelle and Alanna were buying All The Food, and Eleanor and Duncan and kids and Medallion and Te showed up not long after I did. We got unpacked, set up a bunch of tents and the kitchen, set up Te and Medallion's paddock, and jumped into the river (which is where Zack showed off that he could swim just fine, thank you). The conniving little four year old got me to agree that he could try to push me in the river.

There were some fireworks and a distant thunderstorm Thursday night. A bit of rain on Friday that didn't do much to cool things down (but no real dust, so...), and most of (all of?) the rest of the camp showed up, along with five other horses! (We had ten horses coming, originally, but even so, seven horses and ten riders in the competition was, I am told, a record for this event).

Friday night we had the "torchlight" tourney, which was really Eleanor's inspiration from Gulf Wars- battery powered LED lights on the horses, glow sticks, glow bracelets, light up swords.... it was RIDICULOUS. It was amazingly funny. All the horses behaved very well (even if Medallion was really dubious about the whole thing).

The enxt day, we had the Kings and Queens Equestrian Championships (as rescheduled from Panteria). Gwen and Artos let me ride their mare, Oleandra, who is a 25 year old Morgan mare, loves the games, a good ride, with a hugely active walk and a ground eating trot. The morning portion was horsemanship games- open a gate, go through it, close the gate, grab a spear and walk over a bridge, spear a fox (poor fox), walk through an "alley" made by tarps, over a jump, grab a message at one end of the arena, take it down to the other end, exchange it for a flower to take to the Queen. The gate thing we biffed- we ended up knocked the whole thing over (and she was totally unfazed by it). But even the tarps she didn't even blink at. I opted to carry both message and flower in my teeth because I wanted to trot, but didn't want to go one handed.

It went so well! (I haven't seen any pictures of me and Ole yet, because the photographer of the one set I've seen so far appears to have gotten bored before I went, which is the disadvantage of going near the end.)

That afternoon, we went to the river and took the horses, and it was good. In Court, Alethea was elevated to the Pelican, which was fantastic, and then we all shoveled food in our faces and got ready for the evening competition (we do morning and evening because it's too fucking hot during the middle fo the day for us or the horses). This was the martial aspect, where we knocked down reeds, and heads, and speared rings and knocked the quintain.

I was again going 9th, and we'd gotten word that the camp owner across the river was setting off fireworks around dusk. The rider before me was in the middle of her run, and I was on Ole when they started. Ole, being a sensible girl and bred for the cavalry, was completely unconcerned. She watched them, and was interested, but she was not spooking, or scared (Seriously, she would watch them go up, ears pricked- I wish someone got a picture of that, but I doubt it). It wasn't until the finale when Te (who was in front of us) decided he had enough, and I moved her out of his way (and Artos came running over and I was like, "Oh no, she was fine, that was me, I just wanted to make sure she didn't get kicked!").

Summit, the horse who had been in the middle of his run, when they started and he freaked out (which is exactly what happened a few years ago), needed a bit of a break, so we went in while he collected himself and Franquitte regrouped. I chose to do most of the course at a walk, since it was pretty dark and we didn't have all the arena lights on, and I wasn't sure how keyed up she would be after the fireworks. Artos also gave me a tip on how to do a wrap shot with the sword, which is easier on the wrist.

We did the reeds (I think I only missed one or two), and then the heads (they were set in a circle and it took a couple of passes to get them all). Then I went and got the spear, instinctively putting the reins in my right hand, and grabbing the spear with my left. Then I looked at the target and realized I should have done it the other way, and while I might have been able to the figure out the physics of throwing across myself.... I realyl didn't want to, not when there was another spear to grab. We hit the hay bale, solidly, grabbed the ring lance, got two out of three rings, grab the quintain lance, hit the quintain at a really fast walk (maybe even a trot? I'm not sure).

Seriously, a fantastic ride. She's a sweetie and a bit of an attention whore, so we get along great.

The competition was won by Baron Duncan, who was brilliant on Te, so he is King's Equestrian champ, and Queen's Equestrian champ is now Baroness Lillian Stanhope, who was also riding Te and was also damn brilliant.

After that last court, we sat around camp, drinking and singing (and I need the words and an MP3 of the "Worms" song). We sang Zack and Aeryn to sleep with songs about war, revolts, death, and hungry crows and ended with a rousing rendition of "Barret's Privateers." Good times!

And the shower I had after getting home was the greatest shower that ever happened. Ever. It was even better than any post-Pennsic shower.

It was a great event.

Updatey and packing lists

Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA
No Pennsic for me. I am working on a special election campaign (yes, another one!) and the primary is on August 13th. With the last day of Pennsic being August 4th, you can see how that doesn't work. But it's an exciting campaign and networking like whoa.

So there's that.

(oh, hey, the deadline for refunds for Pennsic is really annoyingly far away from Pennsic. Fantastic. Well, I hope Strawberry Fields enjoys the extra bit of unused land.)

I am going to Glenn Linn for all four days, so there's that.

Packing list:
tent and assorted cruft
bed, air mattress (find that, hope it still works) bedding (still trying to rebuild bedding that never made it home from Pennsic) (GRRR)
Garb: three stolas (two linen, one wool), three pallas (two linen, one wool), riding tunics (all), strophia, belts, tunicae, sandals, walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night shoes
toiletries, towel, swimsuit, hair junk, bench?
Riding stuff: boots, breeches, chaps, helmet, sports bras, thing to cover helmet, socks

Figure out if upstairs neighbor stole my (BRAND NEW) camp chair from the front hall (jackass).

New Anglofilles Episode!

Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA
We are joined by Hugo Nominated author Seanan McGuire and talk about women in SF/F. It's pretty awesome.


Ugh, Panteria packing list

Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA
It's been so long since I've been to a sort-of camping event, and it's made more challanging by the fact that my camp bedding never made it home from Pennsic two years ago.


Riding stuff (which I already found!): breeches, boots, chaps, gloves, helmet, knee brace (just in case), riding tunics.

Garb: two linen stolas, one wool, one or two (depending on what I can find) tunicae, one linen palla, one wool, wool cloak, strophia, hat box with associated hat and hair cruft, socks for under my riding boots and warm socks for the evenings, sensible shoes.

Bedding: pillow, sheet, doubled fleece blanket, furry fleece blanket? do I still even own a sleeping bag? heavy wool blanket, jammies w/wool socks, feather bed for on top of the mattress (oh right, like you wouldn't if you had one).

Toiletries, feast gear, crafty thing to work on while gossiping.
Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA
We are joined by Mark Oshio or Mark Does Stuff and discuss The Princess Bride in some detail.


Couple of things

Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA
1) I wrote a thing. I got cranky at people telling us how the whole manhunt on Friday "really" went down, when they weren't even here. It kind of blew up and has well over 2000 views from yesterday alone. I've heard that it's linked "all over" which is, I have to say, a bizarre feeling. (But I've only found one external comment calling me a braindead sheeple who is clearly suffering from some sort of PTSD and it's obviously too soon for me to really understand that I survived martial law. So there's that!)


2) I've auditioned new favorite Red Sox Players, and I've settled on Salty. because he's adorbs and has the best last name ever.

3) I'm teaching a class on Roman law at Pennsic! Which means I guess I'm going to Pennsic! Which means this summer is open for commissions.

New Anglo-Filles episode! RESEARCH PURPOSES

Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA
Les Filles discuss the trend of sexually explicit historical dramas, from Rome, to The Tudors, to The Borgias and Vikings.

I talk about what I really think about the costuming.

Some of you will be disappointed.


New Anglofilles Episode!

Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA

All the things Jane Austen. Well, not ALL of them, because this is five days long. but a lot of thigns Jane Austen.

My name is Rufinia, and this is my life

Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA
So here's what's going on.

I'm still temping at Dana Farber, which has been a nice, stable thing but will be ending at some point. I have also started an internship with a state senate campaign. Senator Jack Hart, in the Suffolk 1st is retiring, and I'm with one of the democrats running to replace him, Linda Dorcena Forry. She's currently the state Representative for the Suffolk 8th, and she's the most progressive candidate we have. The primary is on April 30th. GO VOTE!

(No, it isn't the same time as the primary for the US Senate Special Election, which is an oversight on everyone's part, but they didn't ask me.)

Anyway, that eats up my Saturdays from now until at least April 30th, so no events for me for a while, which is disappointing, but hopefully it will help me find a grown up job.